The Funniest Airline Safety Videos

June 19, 2015

Most airline safety videos have your best interests at heart, but more often than not their messages go unheard as your doze off during those agonising electronic-free minutes before takeoff.  Airlines have long struggled to grab passengers’ attention with safety videos as they are often monotonous and repetitive. However a select few have decided to step up their game – including song, humour and a few well-placed celebrities in their required videos. Here we’ve gathered five videos worth taking note of before you takeoff!

Delta’s New In-flight Safety Video – Version 5

First up is Delta Airlines’ version 5 and as the name suggests, there are several different versions. In the last few years they have really stepped up their safety video game even creating an internet celebrity nicknamed Deltalina. Whilst some might feel that they are trying too hard, we really like version 5. There are a number of Easter eggs hidden in this video which makes it easy to create a game out of it. Have you spotted them all? Look out for the mysterious stuffed legs and unexplained lady hands. They score points for being moderately entertaining, but if this is not your cup of tea keep on reading.

Air New Zealand – The Hobbit

The airline down under is definitely the leader in creating entertaining safety videos as we found it impossible to choose only one of their videos (see more below). They frequently enlist celebrities like Bear Grylls (The Bear Essentials), Richard Simmons and Betty White. The nerds in us really appreciat this all-out Hobbit tribute as we all know that is the real reason you’re visiting New Zealand! We really appreciate how seamlessly they included some of our beloved characters.

You can watch the full video here.

Air New Zealand – Betty White

Named the old school safety video, Betty White injects this video with her signature brand of humour. Set in a fictional retirement resort, Second Wind, this is one of few videos not featuring a traditional airplane. Poking fun at old age and everything associated with it, this is definitely a unique one with Betty as your host. We never knew the elderly could be so tech savvy!

You can watch the full video here.

Bangkok Airways (music video with choreographed dance)- Bad Lip Synching

Ever heard of Bangkok Airways? Me neither, but they really want you to fly with them! This becomes impertinently clear as you watch the air crew perform a boy band inspired dance routine whilst lip synching to a terribly catchy tune. They do take a few moments to get serious, but if you manage to hold on until the end you’ll be rewarded as the captain lip syncs his final greeting in the most American accent ever heard! We promise it is worth it!

Virgin America – Safety Music Video

If you’re left uncertain as to what Bangkok Airways was aiming for, you can consult Virgin America’s video. Masters of the musical safety video, their tune is catchy and the message is clear. Obviously they had a bigger budget and a big team making everything work seamlessly, but it definitely paid off.

Which one was your favourite? We’d also love your suggestions on other safety videos we should watch.

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