5 Things You Have to Know About the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

November 1, 2022

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ll get to experience some of the 2022 FIFA World Cup action in person, you’ll likely have some questions. We’re here to answer the top five questions you should be asking before departing for Qatar.

1. Which COVID entry requirements and restrictions apply?

Almost all COVID entry requirements have been removed and visitors can now travel with relative ease. A valid passport, visa, pre-registration on the Ehteraz portal and the Hayya Card is all you need to enter the country.

Effective 1 November 2022, visitors no longer need to present a negative COVID test to enter Qatar. This follows earlier announcements removing the need to quarantine on arrival. Travellers also no longer need to wear a face mask when in public, but still require one when entering a medical facility or making use of public transport.

Read more about what you need to enter Qatar and attend a game here. Remember that it remains your responsibility to check and ensure you meet all entry requirements and COVID restrictions as these are subject to change.

2. What should I pack to wear?

Besides the obvious fan gear, you can pack your summer wardrobe. It might be nearly winter in Qatar, but don’t expect to feel a chill in the air. Average November temperatures range between 21 to 26 degrees Celsius, with things cooling down only slightly in December to the average low of 15 degrees Celsius. Think light layers and a jacket or two. Stadiums will be air-conditioned, so it might even get slightly chilly when attending a game.

The nation of Qatar is also conservative, so it is advised that men wear long trousers and women cover their shoulders and knees when out in public. Anything transparent or extremely tight is also best left at home. Of course when you’re at a hotel or private club, you’re free to wear what you like.

3. Besides catching the game, what else can I do when visiting Qatar?

Qatar, particularly it’s capital city Doha, is home to some of the best luxury shopping and famous for their cultural attractions. You can read more about the Mall of Qatar, the Museum of Islamic Art and so much more here. There are even some amazing beaches and adventure sports on offer.

4. I have tickets to one game, but where is the best spot to enjoy the rest?

You can attend any of the official Fan Festivals to enjoy the game even when you don’t have match day tickets. The matches will be screened at Al Bidda Park and the Hayya Fan Zone. You can find a list of official events and concerts taking place during the World Cup here.

Many hotels and restaurants will also be screening the games if you want to avoid the crowds or enjoy an alcoholic beverage during the game.

5. What if I want to celebrate with an alcoholic beverage?

Qatar has strict alcohol laws, with no alcohol consumption being allowed in public spaces and public drunkenness is a crime. If you’re over the age of 21, you will be able to enjoy alcohol responsibly at a licensed hotel restaurant or bar.

Some exceptions have been made specifically for the World Cup. The Arcadia Festival and official FIFA Fan Festival will sell beer at selected times. They will also have dedicated zones for fans to sober up before leaving.

To summarise, a drink or two will be allowed in selected areas at selected times. You won’t have unfettered access to alcohol and drowning your sorrows in an excessive amount is not wise.


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