Skiing on a Shoestring

November 20, 2013

Article Written by Guest Blogger:  Lexi Taylor

Always wanted a White Christmas but worried about what it will do to your wallet?

Bite the bullet and just do it!  No one has ever regretted or wanted to recall spending money on a holiday.  They are always worth every cent! Especially one that involves adventure, thrills, fine cheese, great wine, hot chocolates, the best parties and lots of snow!

Yes Europe is expensive, especially considering the exchange rate the way it is now… but these are all mere practicalities… the effects of which if you are clever and sneaky you can manage considerably.


Here are some tips on how to make the trip more affordable:

  • Fly via somewhere (preferably somewhere Asian) these have the best deals
  • Once there travel by train (economy class – this is like first class here!)
  • Choose a small village – they are the most affordable and have the best atmosphere
  • Book to stay in self-catering accommodation or a backpackers  (most have their own rooms)
  • Buy some provisions before leaving SA i.e. dried fruit and nuts, energy bars and some wine or spirits
  • Once there buy a ski pass for one or two not all mountains
  • Hire equipment but say you are happy for last season’s stuff


  • Don’t eat in the restaurants on the mountain however hot chocolates are allowed and sometimes necessary for survival!
  • Buy all your food from the supermarket and pack picnic lunches (baguettes are great!)
  • Put this in your backpack with other provisions such as water and the snacks you bought in SA (Bar Ones are a must!)
  • Eat dinner at home before going out on the town
  • Take a hip flask out with you – drinks are prohibitively expensive when you convert to Rand so only buy mixes (yes you will feel like a student again!)
  • Last but not least keep a little money aside for a dinner to experience the local dish such as a fondue – just so you can say you experienced it all!


This may all sound bit extreme but once you hear the sound of the snow crunching beneath your boots, feel a snowflake fall on your nose, take that first sip of Vin Chaud/Gluhwien, the rush of your first downhill, dance on a rooftop in your ski-boots or have the taste of real cheese on your palette it will all be worthwhile.

Wait no longer – book now.

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