Join the Braai-High Club!

April 1, 2014 is as homegrown as they come, and to celebrate their South African heritage will be hosting the first ever Braai in the Sky on 2 April 2014.  What’s more, the footage will be available for you to view on Kulula’s YouTube page on the day.

During the flight, a pilot study will be conducted to determine the feasibility of adding a braai-catering option to the in-flight menu, and it could become a regular fixture depending on the outcome.

The results of a recent customer satisfaction survey revealed that most passengers would rather be braaing than flying, according to Shaun Pozyn, Marketing Manager of,  so this char-grilled cuisine seems to be a shoo in for success.  If this is the case, flight attendants could be offering chargrilled ‘chicken or beef?’ served with corn on cob, putu and chakalaka, on their rounds in future.

It is no secret that braaing is a favourite pastime in South Africa, and one that transcends barriers of race, culture, class and age.  “Since we have never been afraid to try new and exciting things, and we are constantly finding innovative ways to surprise and delight our customers, we have decided to look at the possibility of offering a braai catering offering on board.” says Pozyn.

Known for their offbeat offerings and light-hearted irreverence, this unusual take on airline food hits the spot when it comes to Kulula’s brand-profile and comes as no surprise to those who follow their whacky antics.

If the idea takes off, customers will be able to choose from, and pay for, the following options when booking their ticket online:

  •  Chop
  • Chicken piece
  • Boerewors
  • Vegetable skewer


All flavoured with Kulula’s unique blend of herbs and spices, and served with a side of putu and chakalaka.

So the question is, ‘To braai or not to braai?’ or does it remain ‘chicken or beef?’  – the choice is yours, let us know your thoughts.

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