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April 30, 2014

Richard Branson

Richard Branson buys Franschhoek Hotel-

Amidst renewed international interest in South Africa’s tourism industry, Sir Richard Branson is buying the Mont Rochelle Hotel & Mountain Vineyard in Franschhoek. Refurbishment is estimated to be completed by August 2014. Read more here.


Solar Powered Aeroplane-

The future of air travel is here! Though it’s still unclear how this will revolutionise passenger travel, this plane is a movement towards environmentally friendly travel solutions.  Read more here.

Paris Eiffel Tower

Visual Guide to the Top Patisseries in Paris-

The French capital is synonymous with buttery pastries and trendy macarons. This guide lists the best there is. Bonus points if you’ve visited them all! Get the complete list here.

New Airline

Exciting new Low cost Airline for South Africa-

New South African low cost airline FlySafair has finally been granted a license to operate in South Africa after being blocked late last year by rivals Comair. The Airline will start flying two Boeing 737-400s on their Cape Town-Johannesburg route before expanding into the rest of South Africa. Read more here.

Travel Love

Featured Video: Travel Love-

Some young backpackers have compressed their video footage from 8 countries over 3 different backpacker trips into a short highlighted video clip. This video documents their travels through South America and Asia with some stunning scenery and intimate local interactions. This clip will make you grab your passport and rush toward your next adventure. Watch the video clip here.


True Rhino conservation-

World renowned photographer Ami Vitale earlier in the year documented the most intimate rhino conservation program in the world. Personal protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week from armed guards and private citizens is what keeps these the Rhinos is Kenya safe from poachers. This photographic series displays how communities in Kenya stand together to protect their natural heritage for future generation to come. Read more here.

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Brazil and the Festive World Cup-

Brazil is hosting the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup from 12 June through to the 13th of July 2014. The country and its festive culture and lifestyles needs no introduction, with the legendary Copacabana beach to Christ the Redeemer overlooking all of Rio and all in between, Brazil certainly has what it takes to host a spectacular event. The world cup coincides with some of Brazil’s most popular festivals honouring St. John, St. Peter and St. Anthony. Book your FIFA Soccer World Cup experience through and read more about the festivals here.


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