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April 30, 2014

The Heart of Italy-

With winter fast approaching in South Africa, we need to look north to find some sunshine for our mid-year holidays. Italy, one of the world’s most wonderful destinations offers you everything that you could ever wish for as a traveller. Rich culture and history, great food and wine plus some of the most beautiful landscapes and architecture in the world- Italy has it all. A week-long trip through the heart of Italy, what more can you possibly ask for?


Venice, Rome and Florence is where the spectacular history and rich culture of this country is on display, and where you can soak up all that Italy has to offer.


The traditional tourist attractions are a must when visiting Italy – The Grand Canal and Basilica of St. Marco in Venice, the Colosseum and the Vatican in Rome and the Statue of David in Florence. To get the true Italian experience however, one must wonder around the back roads of these cities to experience the local cuisine and customs. Visit the local Rialto market in Venice, where locals come for fresh seafood. Stroll to the Piazza della Madonna dei Monti in Rome, where locals gather for lunch and go for a glass bead making class in Florence. Book your hear of Italy tour with us at FlightSite.


Zanzibar, also known as The Spice Island, is situated just off the coast of Tanzania on the East Coast of Africa in the warm Indian Ocean. The island is an exotic paradise with white sandy beaches and healthy coral reefs, teeming with weird and wonderful sea creatures.


The island is known for its ancient spice trade and beautiful scenery. Honeymooners and families flock to this island in large numbers every year. Resorts and hotels all over the island cater to the needs of every traveller. The coral reefs just off shore ensure that those who have a sense of adventure, get to explore a majestic underwater paradise.


The island has Arabian and Portuguese influences mixed together with its African roots. The spice trade between Asian, Europe and Africa is what made Zanzibar so popular, as it served both as a resting post for ships carrying loads around the world and for its fertile ground for growing spices. Today the island has world class resorts and hotels catering for adventurous travellers as well as those who want to come and relax on this island paradise. Be sure too book your next trip to Zanzibar, your next island breakaway with us at FlightSite.


The home of Guinness and some of the oldest architecture known to man, Ireland is rich in ancient and prehistoric history as well as dramatic landscapes and friendly people. If you are a history buff or a traveller looking for something different, then book your trip to Ireland – it truly is the perfect destination.


Guinness house in Dublin is arguably the most famous brewery in the world, with foreigners and locals alike taking tours through this ultra-modern brewery with old world charm. The brewery is situated in Dublin, Ireland’s capital city and its heartbeat. The Fair City, as it is affectionately known, has a growing young population, a vibrant art scene and a reputation for great food coupled with old local bars and top class nightclubs. Dublin mixes the old world with the new and the results one must experience for oneself.


The Irish countryside is almost unrivalled when it comes to beautiful scenery and truly ancient history. Newgrange is a prehistoric monument on Ireland’s east coast that is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids. Newgrange is one of Ireland’s most popular attractions, along with The Burren, the largest karst landscapes in Europe scattered with evidence of ancient settlements and Kylemore Abbey, a gothic castle on the banks of the Pollacapall Lake. Whether you want to experience a trendy sprawling city, or ancient buildings along a dramatic countryside, pick Ireland as your next holiday destination with FlightSite.

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