10 Pics That Will Make You Long for a Mauritius Holiday

August 7, 2017

Mauritius is synonymous with white beaches, cocktails and water sports, but it has loads more to offer! As these Instagrams prove, there is a million and one reasons to visit #AmazingMauritius. To view our latest Mauritius package please click here.

Rest & Relaxation

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Take some time to unwind and disconnect on one of Mauritius’ many pristine beaches, where the warm water gently laps the shoreline. This pic by Instagram superstars DoYouTravel perfectly encapsulates the relaxed beach vibe of the island.

Amazing Meals

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Whether you only have eyes for five star dining or would rather bite into a juicy burger (like this delicious meal by SA blogger Sergio Ines), there is a dining option for everyone. Most resorts have multiple restaurants on site offering various types of dining, but the one thing they all have in common is the freshest produce and talented chefs. No wonder Mauritius has long been hailed as the best island destination for foodies…

Palm Trees

The island is home to some of the brightest and loveliest plant varieties, but Palm Trees have become synonymous with the island destination and can be found just about anywhere. No surprise then that the palm hearts, derived only from certain palm species, are a delicacy often included in speciality salads on the island.

Hindu Temples

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Although Mother Nature is responsible for most of the island’s beauty, the man made Hindu Temples dotted around the island are of great architectural interest and offer bright pops of colour all over the island. Mauritian Instagrammer Kushal Ramchurn perfectly captures its beauty against a darker sky, proof that you don’t have to huddle in your hotel room when the weather gets gloomy.

Beach Cocktails

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The only thing better than cocktails by the pool is cocktails on the beach… We recommend the piña coladas, although Jeff Wan‘s sunshine in a glass looks equally amazing!

Colourful Shopping

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These colourful umbrellas (pictured by Swatee) cover an outdoor alley of Mauritius’s Waterfront, proving that they inject their colourful persona itno everything – even their luxury shopping centre!

Sunsets and Sunrises

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On the West Coast it’s magical sunsets and breathtaking sunrises on the East Coast -both are worth taking some time to saviour. This magical sunset was captured by Sarah in Mauritius, proving that the beach is the place to be!

Chamarel (Terres des 7 Coleurs)

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, we’re throwing in this natural wonder. Chamarel is home to the Chamarel Falls, the Black River Gorges National Park and the pictured Seven Coloured Earth. Take a quick day trip to see these wonders in person!


What would a beach holiday be without some snorkelling? This breathtaking shot was taken by Andrea (Destination Chaser) with Le Morne making quite the dramatic backdrop.


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Taking home souvenirs doesn’t have to mean a stuffed airport Dodo, as the markets offer some arts and crafts created by the talented locals like saris and sarongs. Thanks to Sofie and Tom for capturing the colourful Flac Market.

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