The Great Debate: Reclining Seats

August 28, 2014

reclining seats

How do you feel about reclining seats on aeroplanes? That is the question on everyone’s lips following a recent incident on a United Airlines flight and it is causing quite a divide between travellers.

On Tuesday a United Airlines flight got diverted due to two passengers fighting over the use of a device called a Knee Defender. Never heard of it? It is a small plastic device that attaches to the seat in front and prevents it from being able to recline. Whilst there is currently no law banning the use of such devices, selected airlines do prohibit the attaching of anything to aeroplane and we are sure many will soon follow suit.

It is surprising how people have responded to the situation either being in favour of the use of the device or in favour of the ‘right to recline,’ as they called it. Those who celebrate the Knee Defender or the complete banning of reclining seats argue that reclining seats infringe on their personal space and prevent them from being able to work on their laptops. Taller people also tend to be in favour of non-reclining seats as legroom in economy class is little enough without the seat in front of you backing into your knees. Those in favour of reclining seats point out that sometimes it is the only way to get comfortable and catch some shut-eye.

Leg room has always been a problem on Economy class seats, which is why there are seats to accommodate taller travellers like  emergency exit seats. Economy Comfort and Premium Economy seats also offer more legroom, but at a price which most travellers can’t afford.

We believe that reclining seats are a little unnecessary on short-haul, domestic flights but really value that few extra degrees of reclining on long-haul, international flights. We’d love to know how you feel about this issue! Whether you agree or disagree, please complete this short survey to indicate how you feel about the issue.

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