Dine with a local

April 17, 2014

Eat WithWould you dine with a complete stranger in their personal home? The idea does seem a little strange to those of us used to sticking to McDonald’s or TripAdvisor approved restaurants. Sites like EatWith.com is fighting this mindset and making the idea seem so much more appealing.

We all know that the best way to experience a culture is through local cuisine. EatWith is capitalising this idea and applies strict guidelines to eliminate any of the stigmas surrounding safety issues. All approved hosts are recognizable by their “EatWith Verified” icon, a guarantee that they meet certain quality and safety standards. They also make use of third-party insurance to cover any damages to either party under certain circumstances.

Your host can be anyone from an aspiring chef to a café owner and they will almost always prepare a signature dish for you. Where EatWith differs from other similar sites is that you know what meal is on offer, can view reviews from others that have visited this host and the security that EatWiths’s insurance coverage provides.

When planning your next overseas trip (try Flightsite.co.za), keep in mind this unique opportunity to meet locals and see how they dine. It really is the best way to experience a new culture!