5 Trips that Should be on Every Travelers Bucket List

April 29, 2014

Every self-respecting travel loving person should have hundreds of places that they would like to visit and world events that they still wish to experience. Let’s look at some infamous and famous trips and attractions from around the world which ought to appear on each and every traveler’s bucket list. If you wish to make your own list with us please remember that this is a wish list, which means that we are not allowed to let things like cost or time bother us while writing such a list.


The most epic road trip: Route 66

Arguably the world’s most famous road-trip, route 66 runs from the North-Eastern part of the US across 8 different states to the west coast of the country. Chicago, Illinois is where the route starts and from there it runs through the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before being halted by the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California a journey of 3,940 km.

The road cuts through the heart of the US and one gets to experience somewhat of an intriguing historical time-line of contemporary America. This road takes you from metropolitan cities to small town America to long forgotten towns struggling to stay afloat since a larger intercontinental highway was built which took away the commercial traffic from route 66 which these small towns lived on.

Cruising on route 66 heading for the coast with some of your travel buddies in a classic American car like the Ford Thunderbird of a Cadillac Eldorado is surely the world’s most epic road trip.


Sail across an ocean from Cape to Rio

Sailing is not for the faint of heart and because this wish list needs to be finalised within one lifetime we thought that an 3 month voyage around the world might be a little long. The Cape to Rio sail route starts in Cape Town, South Africa and ends in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and takes approximately 3 weeks to a month to complete.


When setting off from Cape Town the vastness of the Atlantic ocean lies in front of you. It can be quite a daunting prospect as you are setting sail for the unknown and you will only see land again in three weeks after crossing the Atlantic, something which the Titanic could not do.

This trip is more than just an adventure it is a journey of discovery into one’s own capabilities. One needs to find the mental strength to pull through a three week voyage where you might be hit by brutal weather conditions, fight with your fellow crew members or face a life or death experience (might be a little dramatic but the dangers certainly are real). Sitting on your yacht thousands of miles from land in the middle of the Atlantic might give you some perspective on the significance of some of your problems and it certainly is a humbling experience.


Sports events

Sports events are often a patriotic affair with the exploits of previous generations becoming part of cultural folklore while individuals become either villains or heroes. This history and the emotions that it spurs up is what transforms a field of grass into a cricket pitch and a piece of road into a Grand Prix track.newego_LARGE_t_77761_221718

The Monaco Grand Prix and Cricket at Lords needs to be attended in a formal manner if you want to do it right. For the Monaco Grand Prix you have to stay at the Hotel de Paris where you will rub shoulders with the who’s who of Monaco. Book a VIP Terrace at the Fairmont Hotel to watch the Grand Prix before heading to the world famous Monte Carlo Casino for a game of blackjack or Roulette. Lords is seen as the home of cricket and it also hosts the world’s oldest sports museum. Wearing a suit and tie while chatting to old British gentleman about the ‘Good old Days’ at the home of cricket while watching a test match is what cricket is all about.

Golf is one of the world’s oldest sports and some of its traditions are a bit outdated and bizarre but it surely is intriguing. The two most famous golfing events in the world are the British Open, hosted in Britain and the Masters hosted in the US city of Augusta. The tournaments are both steeped in history and tradition and are a must for those travellers who love their sport. The British open is hosted every 5 years at the home of golf St. Andrews where the game has been played since the early 1400’s. Visiting these events should be on your list but if you get the chance to play these courses all the better.



Go on a foodie trip

Experiencing different cultures and seeing the local sites is what travelling is all about. The most intimate part of every culture and what lies at the heart of every celebration, be it as small as a christening of a child in Italy or an American football match in the US, is the food that is prepared and served.

The rise and fall of all civilisations and cultures throughout history can be understood by looking at their supply of food or lack of it. The reason the Roman Empire had to grow at such a fast pace is because they had to acquire farmland that could be toiled in order to be able to feed the people of Rome and the Portuguese built their sprawling empire on the back of a massive fishing trade. One can thus say that the best way to learn a new culture and experience their history is to experience their cuisine.

Pizza courtesy of Eating Food Tours Rome

The most famous foodie destinations are Italy and France and so they should be. Being two of the oldest cities in the western world they sure have had enough time to perfect their dishes. Italian food is steeped in tradition and each region in Italy has its own signature cuisine. Pizza and Pasta is what has made Italian food famous and what better way to experience the Eternal city of Rome than going on a food tour through the city. The tour can be tailor made to fit the needs of the group but there are one or two suggested spots that actually are a must for foodies. Carbonara served at a restaurant just next to the Roman Forum is one of them, finishing the tour off with Gelato next to the Trevi Fountain, now that’s a trip worth doing.


In French cuisine butter is always the star ingredient and dining is a formal and eloquent affair. The best chefs in the world come to France to learn their craft and experience the true fine dining kitchen environment. The top foodie tour in France is one that takes you to various Michelin Star restaurants where you can enjoy the very best of fine dining and contemporary or traditional cooking. Do not however only get stuck in the famous and traditional foodie spots, there are many more options out there to consider. Barbeque in Texas, Street food in Asia, Kalua in Hawaii or for the adventurous foodie try the potentially lethal puffer fish in Japan. These are all destinations where you can taste great dishes while learning about the cultures of the locals through the food that keeps them going.


Soak up some history

Historical sites around the world along with cities that are rich in history are the most popular tourist destinations in the world by far. Paris, Rome, Istanbul, London and New York are all cities with a rich history that in some cases can be traced back to ancient times, they just so happen to also be the top travel destination in the world.


“If you don’t know where you come from then you won’t know where you are going’’, this is a motto that most travellers seem to embrace as travel trends show that people flock to destinations with a rich and interesting history.

Wish lists will always and must always include historical sites from around the world. Historical sites tell stories of our human history and thus it tells the personal history of each and every person around the world. Visit Rome to see where the gladiators fought, Machu Picchu to see the last city that the great Inca civilisation inhabited or Egypt to gaze over some true architectural wonders of the ancient world, the Pyramids of Giza.


The popular destinations and ancient attractions are all great to visit and experience but the infamous destinations are the ones that arguably leave the most memorable impressions. Auschwitz, Robben Island, Devil’s Island and The Door of No Return all tell a story of human hardship and stand as monuments of the truly horrific deeds of our past. Places like these should be on every person’s wish list as it teaches us about human sacrifice and the unspeakable horrors of our past that should never be repeated, as the celebrated philosopher George Santayana said ‘’Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’’.

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